Wasps, Bees, and Hornets

Most of us have learned the hard way the bee stings hurt! There is an initial shock of pain, followed by a burning sensation, or a dull ache, accompanied by swelling, redness and a welt. There are two factors causing the pain. The bee family of insects inject venom with their sting. One type of venom called Melittin actually stimulates the body’s pain receptors and destroys cells. Bees also leave the barb or stinger in your body. Often the pain won’t recede much until the barb is removed.

Bees are the beneficial variety of stinger. They cross pollinate and are very important for the food chain of which we are a part. You can recognize these helpful critters by their thick bodies and yellow and black stripes. A bee can only sting once, because the barb means that they cannot retract their stinger. Pulling away causes them to lose part of their abdomen and therefore the bee will die shortly. Best prevention is to simply wave them away or avoid them when you see them hard at work! These are usually not aggressive insects.

African killer bees are the exception to this. These bees are very defensive and will swarm to protect a hive. Avoid these bees, get professional help to remove hives or nests and seek medical attention if needed.

Wasps, hornets and yellow jackets have a longer body and wings than a honey bee. They can sting more than once, and do not lose a barb. If you have been stung, you will definitely know it as it hurts a great deal! You will see a raised bump or welt with a puncture mark in the middle.

If you have been stung, remove the barb if any (a credit card gently pulled across the area may do the trick), clean gently with soap and water and apply ice. An over the counter medication such as Benadryl may help. If you are one of the approximately 2 million people in the U.S. who are allergic to bees, always be prepared with your Epi-pen and seek medical attention.

We Will Get rid of Your Hornets and Wasps!

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