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With more than one option for a local pest control company, why should Insight Pest Solutions be your choice? There are a few very important answers to that question! Many chemicals that can be purchased over the counter at your local Lowes, Walmart or Home Depot, and even ones used by some professional pest control companies in Fayetteville, are toxic to children and animals. If these poisons are handled poorly, or mistakes are made by a well intentioned “Do-It-Yourself” homeowner, or by one of these other companies, the results can be unfortunate or even tragic. These mistakes are also completely avoidable. At Insight Pest Control, we pride ourselves on only using products that are not only safe for children and animals, but environmentally friendly as well. This means that your lawn and bushes are also safe. Expensive damage to landscaping can certainly be caused by pests, but also by using the ecologically unsafe chemicals that are so common. The products used by Insight Pest Solutions are not only safe, they are also very effective, and have verifiably demonstrated their effectiveness in providing the best pest control Fayetteville NC has to offer.


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Insight is also your best local pest control option because Insight Pest Solutions representatives are well trained and educated about the local conditions and pests, the locations in your home or on your property that are most likely targeted by different pests, and the best techniques and solutions available to rid homes and businesses of them. They will provide a thorough and careful inspection, and alert you to any problems that may have been undetected, as well as offer concrete solutions for any pest issues you may have already noticed or were concerned about.


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At Insight Pest Control Fayetteville, our mission is to provide the very highest quality pest control services to our customers, every single time. We will protect local homes and businesses from dangerous and costly pest infestations, and will do it while exhibiting the highest standards of courtesy and customer service. We love our happy customers and want them to remain happy, so we are willing to go farther and work harder to make sure that happens. That’s one reason our representatives and technicians are so well trained and educated about all the variables and pest control issues that are particularly problematic in Fayetteville. You can talk over any questions and concerns you may have, and they will be able to help.

When choosing Insight to be your pest control company in Fayetteville, you are ensuring that you always have easy access to a professional pest control technician that will work to make sure you are completely satisfied and that your home or business is pest free, and stays that way! Don’t hesitate to call Insight today and begin protecting your home and family with the best local pest control company in Fayetteville!

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"Amazing company! They got rid of all my ants and were even able to identify where their colonies' were! I'd been targeting different ant hills around our block, but the experts were able to find the source for the ones in my house when we couldn't"

"Amazing Company! I can't beleive how great a job they did. My dog liked them and he doesn't like anyone!"

"Amazing company! They got rid of all my ants and were even able to identify where their colonies' were! I'd been targeting different ant hills around our block, but the experts were able to find the source for the ones in my house when we couldn't"

"Amazing Company! I can't beleive how great a job they did. My dog liked them and he doesn't like anyone!"

Do I Really Need to Use a Professional Pest Control Company?

There are many pest control companies in Fayetteville to choose from, and there is a good reason for that! Here in the Sandhills of North Carolina, the climate is very hot, and extremely humid. In fact, the average humidity in Fayetteville is almost 65%! You probably have heard or witnessed already, that this type of climate is a perfect breeding ground for pests of all kinds.

Some of the biggest offenders and the most common pests include mosquitos, bed bugs, cockroaches, and termites. However, these are not the only pests to contend with in this area. Fayetteville pests also include fire ants, wasps, and many kinds of spiders. The more you know, the more it becomes clear that professional pest control is a good idea, but local pest control Fayetteville is an absolute necessity! Not only are all of these pests a nuisance, but they also pose health risks for your family, and can potentially cause significant damage to your home. It is important to know where to find the problem pests that may be lurking, how to eliminate them, and the best, and safest products to use. The best local pest control company will be able to provide this knowledge and these skills and services, expertly.

Because these annoying and sometimes dangerous creatures can be very stealthy, many times responsible people trying to protect their families and properties feel confident that they have solved their pest problem on their own, when they have actually only scratched the surface. In fact, oftentimes what the homeowner has observed is less than 10% of the entire colony or infestation.

Common over the counter pest control products are not cheap, but they might feel like a less expensive way to go at first glance. Everybody wants to save money! However, when you consider that these products will not contain any residual deterrent, and will likely only have been effective on the small amount of bugs that were actually directly sprayed with the product, they appear more like a waste of money and an unfortunate delay in actually being able to eliminate the problem and protect your home and family. Sometimes the product might have been effective on a particular bug, but dosage matters too, and over the counter products are usually simply not potent enough to do the job. To further cause frustration and delay in actually eliminating the pest problem, there will be a different can or product available for every pest. Costs rise, and more valuable time passes when different products are tried and discarded, and first attempts become second and third, and even fourth attempts to rid the home or business of one or more pests.

When too much time goes by, and the pest control issue has either not been discovered, or has been repeatedly addressed in ineffective ways, these infestations can entrench further, and much more damage will undoubtedly occur. This will clearly not be a savings in the long run, especially if the comfort and safety of you and your family has also been compromised. The best time to eliminate a pest control problem is to prevent it in the first place, and the next best time is now!

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